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PRN Medical Transport was started in 1988 and has since grown to become one of the largest medical transportation companies in the South Jersey area. Built on a dynamic ideology, we are now expanding to new areas.

In healthcare, quality is not an option, which is why we are committed to being the very best in the industry starting with the people and equipment that serve you.

PRN is a member of:
 • The Medical Transportation Association of New Jersey
 • Burlington County First Aid Council
 • Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey
 • New Jersey Business and Industry Association

What's new

Now Offering Medical Car / Livery Service

Our fleet comprises of forty-three (43) late model vehicles, including twenty-three (23) wheelchair vans, fifteen (15) ambulances, and five (5) medical cars, which have been fully inspected and certified by the State of New Jersey.

To ensure PRN provides the best service for the patients and facilities we service, we utilize state-of-the-art technology in our vehicles including a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) location and mapping system, two-way communications to dispatch and hospitals, vehicle mounted cameras, and a computer-aided dispatch system.

At PRN, we have a strong understanding of both the personal and medical needs of our patients. Each employee is certified to meet all federal, state, and local standards for training and licensure; specific to their position.

Our philosophy of compassionate care is what motivates every one of our employees, drives our success and sets us apart from other transportation services.