Our services are available for patients 24/7 for a range of medical transportation requirements including:

Hospital Admissions & Discharges
Being admitted or discharged, whenever you need mobility assistance, you can count on our safe and caring transportation to and from the hospital.

Outpatient Services
PRN Medical Transport is available to assist you for outpatient services that include same day surgery, various tests, cancer treatments, and dialysis.

Doctor Appointments
If getting to the doctor's office presents special problems, call on us for help.

Basic Life Support (BLS)
Our BLS ambulance service caters to patients in need of supervision or therapy while in transit.

Other Medically needed Transport
Please contact our scheduling department to determine if your required transport will be covered by your insurance.

As a part of PRN's superior service, Ambulances, Wheelchair Coaches and Livery Cars are provided for individuals with special needs, to ensure their maximum safety and comfort. This door to door service is especially important for individuals who need assistance and/or supervision.