Medical Transportation Services That Meet Your Needs

Our services are available for patients 24/7 for a range of medical transportation requirements including:

Hospital Admissions & Discharges

Being admitted or discharged, whenever you need mobility assistance, you can count on our safe and caring transportation to and from the hospital.

Outpatient Services

PRN Medical Transport is available to assist you for outpatient services that include same-day surgery, various tests, cancer treatments, and dialysis.

Doctor Appointments

If getting to the doctor's office presents special problems, call on us for help.

Basic Life Support

Our BLS ambulance service caters to patients in need of supervision or therapy while in transit.

Weddings, Parties and other events

Any transport that you might need help with.

Other Medically needed Transport

Please contact our scheduling department to determine if your required transport will be covered by your insurance.

As a part of PRN's superior service, ambulances and wheelchair coaches are provided for individuals with special needs to ensure their maximum safety and comfort. This door-to-door service is especially important for individuals who need assistance and/or supervision.


Scheduling Transportation

When attempting to schedule transportation, it is very important to provide as much notice as possible. Due to the nature of our business and our contracted facilities, it is very difficult for us to provide transportation on short notice. We need two separate sets of information to schedule transportation by phone as detailed below:

A) Basic Patient Information

1 Patient's Name

2 Patient's Complete Address

3 Patient's Home/Cell Phone Number

4 Patient's Date of Birth

5 Patient's Social Security Number

6 Patient's Medical History

7 Patient's Height & Weight

8 Patient's Health Insurance Information* (Name of carrier, policy #, and group #, if any)

9 Any Special Needs? (steps at residence, needs oxygen, needs wheelchair, etc.)

10 Your Name & Cell Phone Number (If you are not the patient)

B) Appointment Information

1. Patient's Pickup Location Name
(Residence or other Location)
2. Patient's Pickup Address and Phone Number
(Must have the name of the practice or building, doctors name, full address, and phone number)
3. Reason for the Appointment
(As much detail as possible is required to ensure proper billing)
4. Required Pickup Time
(PRN will provide a pickup time. The time provided will be an approximate time for the pickup and may vary slightly on the day of the appointment)
* Certain insurance carriers may require additional authorization and/or information from your doctor prior to transportation. It is important that you check with your insurance company for specific carrier or policy guidelines.


We are providers for many different insurances. The following is a list of some of the more common insurance carriers. If you do not see your insurance on this list, please contact our billing/scheduling department to find out if we are providers for your specific insurance.
• Medicare
• Medicaid
• Aetna
• Amerihealth
• Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield


We offer competitive rates for services that are not covered by insurance. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for payment of non-covered services.

After Scheduling Transportation

Once you have provided the necessary information to our billing/scheduling department, your appointment will be entered into our computer. On the day prior to your transportation, someone from our billing/scheduling department will contact you to confirm your appointment.

On the day of your transportation, please make sure that we can contact you by telephone until your transportation arrives. If there is a problem with your scheduled appointment, we will contact you by telephone.

We ask that you be ready for transport at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the pickup time given when you scheduled your transportation. Unforeseen circumstances may arise that would warrant us to pick you up for your transportation a few minutes early to ensure you make your appointment on time. (These factors may include weather and road conditions.)

If you have any questions, please contact our billing/scheduling office.
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